The safety of a senior can easily be affected. They can fall, loose their way, forget to turn off the stove, etc.

A woman has fallen next to her bed.

The traditional personal alarm systems, such as those sold by TeleAlarm (former Bosch), provide an important contribution to the safety of seniors indoors. An example of a personal alarm system which also works outdoors, is GeoCare. When an emergency call is triggered, it does not just contact a friend or an emergency response centre, but it also submits the GPS location of the senior. Moreover, the product can use multiple mobile phone networks to make sure that calls can also be made in rural areas.

Most of these personal alarm systems require that the senior is still capable of activating the alarm herself. However, this is often not the case: e.g. when the senior fell on her arm, forgot to wear the panic button, is unconscious or does not remember to use it. That is one of the reasons why smart sensor systems are brought to the market. E.g. with the sensors of Sensara the senior’s activity in the house can be monitored continuously. Only when something out of the ordinary occurs, the informal caregiver will receive an alarm from an app on her mobile phone. This way, the informal caregiver has more peace of mind and the privacy of the senior is protected.